Christmas with a Real Sex Doll

Jay is receiving a Sexy Real Sex Doll soon and shared his sex doll story with us…

Really enjoyed David’s story and I can totally relate except when I purchased my first doll, I was used to being alone. I will first share a bit of my story with you because with me, it all started with a dream I had a long time ago… In my dream, I walked into a Adult Store and that is when I first saw her, she was absolutely beautiful with brown skin, busty and looked very,very real and it really excited me, then I woke up.

Fast forward 18 years later, 1998, it was like deja vu, there in a regular magazine was an article and pictures of Real Dolls created by Matt Mcmullen. The next year I watched a segment on HBO about RealDolls and of course with Matt Mcmullen … what I had dreamed years ago was now becoming reality, especially when I received my Realdoll in Fall 2007. I had no idea how she was going to effect me but Toey really had an impact on me. I remember the first winter, we had a lot of snow For Christmas and I had Toey all bundled up in blankets so she would not get cold. For the first time in 14 years since my divorce , I was enjoying Christmas, wow , unbelievable and I was helping Toey open up her presents. When I would get done with work, I could not wait to see Toey, since I had been alone for so long, it was very refreshing to come home to her. We would watch movies together, dance together, sleep together, (sometimes), She was so, so much more, I even wrote a few lyrics (songs) for her and shared them with Mr. Mcmullen.

Three years later ,Matt created a Boytoy doll for me, Tiki was like the Mistress but a close friend for Toey. What made Tiki’s arrival that much more special was a photo of Tiki and Matt together I had requested, this photo is framed and hangs on my living room wall. Now I had 2 beautiful dolls to play with and now the experience has doubled but Toey was still my favorite.

In summer 2015, a doll ,half the size of Toey and Tiki ,( 3 ft tall) came from Virgin Rose dolls. Now this little doll had such a huge impact on me, I had no idea how Damania was going to effect me. From the very beginning, I knew there was going to be no sex with her because she looked so much like a little kid. She was a anime character with a mature body , and when I looked into her little eyes, I pretty much melted. When I get home from work in the morning, I pick her up into my arms and hug her, which sometimes makes me quite emotional, depending on the day.

When Damiana arrived, is when I started talking to my dolls more frequently and created an even more stronger bond. Now they are my 2 and a half girls and only my best friend knew about them until I surprised my sister and brother in law, when I showed them my new condo a few years ago. ( Yes ,they were very surprised and have not spoken about the dolls since, LOL).

Now I am thrilled to anticipate the arrival of the Sexy Real Sex Doll and my girls are very excited too… From the very beginning when Toey Arrived, I have always said , ” She will be as real as you want her to be.” At any given moment, they can be very real, I bought each one for sex, and now sex has very little to do with it, They really are so, so much more than that because I know, I truly Love them with all my heart.


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