Christmas price reduction countdown

There are only 5 days left, the last 5 days of big promotion, clearance processing.
 Over $2,000 up to $ 60, also presented an inverted hip, VR and Doll                         2.
Over $1,000 up to $ 50, giving back and buttocks VR                         3.
Over $ 800, minus $ 40, down hip gift                         4.
Over $ 600, minus $ 30 gift VR                         5.
Over $ 400, minus 20 dollarsIf you are not happy with these offers, then tell you the big discount for the last 5 days.
If you are over $1,000 and then lose $200, the hip and VR will still be sent.
$500 off for $2,000, giving hips, VR and doll headsDo you still want to take her home? If you are worried that others know your secrets or are worried about how to store them, I will tell you one by one.
We will keep your privacy on the outer packaging, that is, the courier does not know what you bought, but also worried about your neighbors know?As for storage, it is also very convenient, can be placed under the bed, etc.
, our dolls are made of TPE material, will not quickly age or peel, dry and so on.
The inside of the doll contains a metal skeleton.
If you want the doll to stand, then you finally buy a standable doll.
If you buy a doll that cannot stand, and want to let the doll stand, this will make the baby’s foot damaged.
This is a picture of the difference between standing and standing.
We have warehouses in the US and the Netherlands.
If you are in the US, it will be shipped within 3-5 days, which will shorten the time and save you time.
If your location is far away, almost 7-15 days of delivery will arrive in your country.

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