Celestina, the Sex Doll Correspondent

SRSD brings you another Sexy Real Sex Doll Story. Learn the sexy story of Celestina, the popular sex doll on YouTube and Twitch My name is Turd Flinging Monkey, or “TFM” for short. I have been a YouTuber and Twitch streamer for a number of years. I talk mainly about MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) philosophy, as well as host two weekly podcasts: The Turd Flinging Monkey Show, a Saturday evening talk-show style show, and TFM 420, a Wednesday morning news roundtable show where we comment on various articles from throughout the week. As I’m a controversial content creator on YouTube/Twitch, I have been anticipating the current trend of censorship and demonetization for a number of years. I began diversifying my income by doing sponsored product reviews. However, controversial channels like mine aren’t going to attract mainstream sponsors, and the only companies that were happy to consistently work with me were sex toy companies. There is a lot of stigma against men when it comes to sex. Women can have a drawer full of vibrators, but if a guy has a pocket pussy or something, he’s a “creep”.  I was happy to do my part to destigmatize male sexuality in my own way, while preserving my ability to make content when the censorship and demonetization eventually did come for me. I was offered Celestina (a WM Doll 165cm with #53 Head) from a sex doll retailer for review purposes about 6 months ago, and at first I didn’t think sex dolls were going to be that much better than the sex toys I already owned and reviewed, but boy was I wrong. The biggest thing isn’t the sex, but the non-sexual things like hugs, kisses, and cuddling. I didn’t really realize how much I missed those things until I got Celestina. I began incorporating Celestina into my content, at first with one-off videos about what it was like to have her, but she eventually became my “Sex Doll Correspondent” and I tapped her to be the face of TFM News when it comes to articles involving sex dolls, robots, and related issues. I also began a few new series regarding sex dolls, including one featuring sex doll cosplay tutorials called “Waifu Workshop”. It’s obviously a massive departure from my previous content, but in the greater scheme of things, I’m still working to destigmatize male sexuality, and a big part of that is to normalize and destigmatize sex dolls. Outside of the videos directly about her, I incorporated her into my podcasts as my donation bot. If you’re confused about what that is, basically it means that people can donate to me during my podcast, and Celestina will pop up, announce the donation, and read a comment or question from that person. It’s a lot of fun, my audience has enjoyed being able to interact with the podcasts directly, it’s given Celestina a lot of personality, and it’s brought in a tidy sum of donations as well. She’s become such a beloved addition to my channel; she even has her own fan art. Recently, I opened up an Instagram for Celestina in order to show off all the pictures I take of her. I didn’t even realize I had a knack for photography. I had the lighting and green screen for my YouTube channel, but they’ve proven useful for my new pseudo side-gig as an amateur doll photographer. She’s currently sitting at around 900 followers on Instagram, which is crazy. She has her own YouTube channel, which functions as my backup channel since I’m always dealing with strikes and censorship due to the controversial nature of my content. It’s been quite the adventure, and we’re just getting started. If you’d like to see what shenanigans we get into next, I’ll provide links to my various social media.

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