Can I take a shower with a sex doll?

I believe that many people will ignore this information and want to take a bath with her, but you know that sex dolls and real people are still different.
The temperature of the water varies from material to material.
If you know the necessary knowledge, then next time you know how to control the water temperature, and the doll to come to a cheerful bath.
Because most dolls are made of silicone and TPE, you must consider these different factors.
Like silicone dolls, you can bathe together regardless of the water temperature.
This is because silicone is heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures.

Boil and disinfect.
If it is a soft and vulnerable TPE doll, then you have to consider it.
When the water temperature exceeds 35 ° C (95 ° F), it will lose consistency or even begin to melt.
Melting is almost irreversible, so it is very important to observe the water temperature being used, otherwise, you will waste the value you spend on her.
Some sex dolls are made of plastic material.
In order to provide better products, some other substances will be added, which may cause chemical reactions with other substances.
So when you buy, you should choose the detergent you can use.
How to clean the head?Because the doll’s face has a delicate makeup, some of them will be blurred when they encounter the water makeup, unless you will make up, so you don’t have to worry, it is best to avoid the head touching the water.


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