Calgary has sex doll rental services and yes they clean them

When you heard about sex doll rental services, what was the first thing you thought of? If you’re like most customers or potential customers of Calgary-based Natrl Dolls, it’s: “How do I clean them?”

Alright, first clean the program. The whole process takes place when the doll’s body hangs from the hook on the hook on the bathtub to catch water and soap, removing its head and bending its legs.

“The first thing we need to do is bring the doll back here and start the cleaning process immediately,” said one of the co-owners of the new service. CBCNews agreed not to be named because he was concerned that another job of hiss would be echoed, but who we call Steve.

“So we dismantle the doll, remove all removable holes, remove the head, and then continue to rinse with hot water to remove bacteria or solids on the surface.

“Then we start with antibacterial soap.”

Deep Cleaning
Of course, this is a service that goes deep into the ground, and the frosting action does not stop there.

“Later during the cleaning process, all we have to do is check it with black light to make sure we haven’t missed anything, and then check it with a UVC lamp to eliminate any bacteria,” Steve said.

“After the surface cleaning, we will move to the orifice. Therefore, we will basically [enema] an enema, and then insert it into the doll’s orifice, filled with antibacterial soap, and filled with hydrogen peroxide.”

Then comes the sponge on the medical forceps, more peroxide and more detergent.

A similar process occurs in smaller head sinks and inserts that fill the orifice.

Steve said, “Obviously, no one does this cleaning procedure themselves in the shower, which proves another point: they are cleaner than anyone or escort you can find.”

Yes, there is documentation of the cleaning process.

But it’s not just cleaning, is it?

What should I do?
The sex doll is lifelike, especially the touch. Their skin and joints are soft and their wigs are of high quality. They can be placed in any number of locations.

Customers can rent one of the 14 dolls, which ends up being 13 women and a man. The cost is $ 189 for two hours and $ 289 per night.

The price of each doll is between $ 2500 and $ 3,000.

The company will appear in a discreet car with a box that looks like it is storing instruments. The staff will follow the instructions left to them on the booking website-whether it includes putting the box down for you to set up or setting the scene.

They will put on makeup and spray out some perfume that suits the character of each sex doll-for Meisa, a type of Elie Saab, Steve described it as a more “erotic scent”.

In addition to different physical characteristics (such as different body and hair, and even elf ears), each doll has its own story and personality.

For example, Ariana is a 26-year-old bikini model in Venezuela, while Bella is from a mushroom forest elf family in Iceland, where women are prohibited from refusing to have sex with their lover.

Cameron is the only male in this group and can do almost everything, although he is not as popular as women, Steve said he has been busy.

Once the dolls are delivered to the customers, they can handle them as long as they meet the lease agreement.

Steve said, “So this basically says you’ll be held liable if you damage the doll. It stipulates that the doll should be specially cleaned. This requires you to wear a condom.”

“Some other rules are how you have to deal with dolls, so you can’t treat them like ordinary people, because they are fragile, they do have skin, and the skin will tear, just like being tripped and scratched. On Pavement.”

Kristen Dickson has always wanted to own a brothel, but her new sex doll escort service has reduced legal issues.

In fact, her House of Dolls in Kamloops has a New York City license to operate as a family rental business for adult novel toys.

Dickson abandoned the brothel business model because Kamloops banned so-called scrubbing shops, but as far as New York City is concerned, handling novelty items at home is their own business.

“It’s a rental category, so it doesn’t matter if you rent a bouncy castle or someone else rents it,” said business license inspector Dave Jones. The annual license fee is $ 196.40.

In Vancouver, Bella Dolls has been operating a sex doll brothel since early November. A 30-minute reservation costs only $ 90, but you can book up to two hours for $ 160.

According to marketing director Ally Chan, after booking online, customers will be sent a “Bella Dolls Mansion” location where they can interact with the doll.

The four most expensive dolls offered seemed to be fully booked on Friday, while Thursday and Saturday were in short supply.

In Sex Doll Canada in Toronto, dolls retail online for only $ 1,700, but can go up to $ 3,800. Real Doll models cost up to $ 10,000.

But starting on December 1st, in Kamloops, the House of Dolls will provide people with a lifelike 30 kg sex doll at home or in a hotel and charge them $ 350 all night.

“This price includes delivery and pick-up for the next day,” said Dixon, who is married with two children. “I think this will create real opportunities for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Who rented it?
Steve says there are no specific demographics among his customers. He said they were between 21 and 65 years old, including men and women. He also emphasized the power of dolls to help those suffering from injuries, disability or mental health recover.

“Not only are they sex dolls, they are also great for companionship,” he said.

“They are a person who can talk, they are a person who can listen to you, they are a person who can hug, of course, they are just someone who is with you in an empty room.”

He also said that his company does not exploit anyone while providing sexual services.

“This is a safer and more legal option,” he said.

“They have no feelings and cannot be abused. They are not real. Therefore they are not objective.”

Steve said the business is good, they will expand to Vancouver on Friday and plan to expand across Canada next year.

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