Buyers Guide: Things to consider before you buy a sex doll

Looking for a lifelike sex doll? what you need to know first!

With several thousand dollars spending on a love doll, you should make an informed decision before buying your own sex doll rather than spending on something that you will regret and will bring you disappointment. In our opinion, before you buy or build your own sex doll you should consider the followings things:


The doll price mainly depends on the size of the doll and body dimensions like breast size or butt size etc. So, plan your budget accordingly or find the right size doll according to your budget.


There are mainly two types of materials to manufacture the doll. One is Silicone and the other one is TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers). Both have pro’s & Con’s e.g. Silicone is more durable than TPE, but TPE stands out for its quality a realism which adds it to the doll. TPE is also more popular than silicone because of its realistic quantities and it is flexible, soft and squeezable, and it looks pretty realistic.
Silicone can be heated for a longer period of time so it can incorporate integrated heating systems. Silicone is a non-porous material that it is easier to clean and it has better water resistance.
So you just need to learn about silicone and TPE, and make up your mind to pick a type of material for your love doll.

Size / Height of the doll.

Ask yourself the question, “Have you got enough space for a life-size doll or you want a mini sex doll or a torso only?”
Where will you place the doll? It might need some room for storing, cleaning, etc. Make a decision accordingly and select the size that will be enough for you, usually, the size varies from 82cm torso to 175cm life-size dolls. Also, these dolls are created with a human-like steel skeleton so you can articulate them, and this might make them a little bit heavy. Is for these reasons that you should choose the doll wisely and accordingly to the size and weight that you can handle.

4          Shape / Figure
As dolls come in different body shapes and figures, you have to keep the following things in mind when looking for a synthetic sex partner:

  What type of breast do you want for your doll or what is your dream body? e.g. Large, Medium or Small tits.
  What should be the ideal waist of the body?
  What should be the ass size? e.g. if you are a big booty lover then you will go for a large size hips.
  How do you want your doll to look like? e.g. Latina, blonde, ebony, or a mature looking face?
  Also, the doll could have a tranny insert if you prefer to have one


Customization options are important if you want to build your own doll according to the desired look. If you just one your doll to look similar to some photos listed on our site, just let us know.
Here some the options that you could customize:
  Head — Variety of heads let you choose the perfect head according to your desires, even some heads have the option of a built-in realistic tongue
  Hair — Variety of wigs you can choose from
  Eyes — Variety of colors to choose from
  Vagina — Fixed or Removable (Removable is easy to clean but a little technical to be fixed in and pulled out)
  Skin Color — Usually four skin colors (White, Natural, Tan or African Black)
  Finger Nails — Variety of options to choose from
  Toe Nail Color — Variety of colors to choose from
  Nipple Color — Usually three colors (Pink, Natural or Tan)
  Vagina Color — Usually three colors (Pink, Natural or Tan)
  Pubic Hair — None or can be customized with pubic hair
  Removable Tongue — Widely used by photographers
  Hanging Hook — Great option to store the doll in your closet by hanging her
  Standing Feet — Great option to have to let the doll stand on flat surfaces
  Packing — Regular or a special flight case

How to choose and buy the best doll for you

Shipping & Handling

Usually, shipping and handling are free and we use FedEx or UPS to ship the dolls. In some countries, there is an import tax which is paid by the customer and most of the doll, in some countries we give you an option to prepaid import taxes and this option should be taken to speed up the delivery process.
We also give an option for the doll to be shipped to your Local FedEx store and you can pick her up at your convenience.
Shipping is private and discreet and the box will NOT contain any labels or descriptions related to the content 😉

Look for a verified doll vendor.

A sex doll should be of quality and durable. Always purchase a doll from a verified doll vendor or you will regret having a counterfeit or low-quality product. Sexy Real Sex Dolls is verified and authorized by The Doll Forum

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Our support team is always available to help and we aim to please.

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