Blonde Big Breast Petite Sex Doll Heavenly 125cm 4ft 1


Doll size
·Height:4ft 1 / 125cm
·Weight:28.3Lbs / 12.85kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:19.6in*15.7in*24 / 50cm*40cm*61cm
·Hand length:19.2in / 49cm
·Foot length:5.1in / 13cm
·Vagina Depth:N
·Anal depth:N
·Oral depth:N

Heavenly is a sexy mini sex doll

Heavenly can’t wait to go home and sleep every day. When you get home, she is already waiting for you in this sexy red dress, ready to let you fuck her all night. Heavenly exercise, you like to rub your body with a hard body. Heavenly is naked in the bedroom, which surprises you, but you can’t wait to touch her skin and give her the penis she desires. When she takes off her underwear, this sex doll fucking will dance, and you can no longer restrain your desires.

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