A sex doll is a highly authentic sex toy, and its main function is for sex. In the past, inflatable dolls have been mentioned in many movies and reports. With the revolution of technology, the current realistic dolls (usually made of silicone or TPE) came into being. They are even more beautiful than real people, with long legs, small waist, big boobs, and a small face. Like many male dream lovers, sexy, glamorous, pure and healing. As long as there is a need, they can become your lover, wife or whatever you want.

Most people think that sex doll users are otaku, who usually don’t interact with women and don’t have wives in their middle years. In fact, 30%-40% of our users are married. The childless couple would buy a doll to raise as their daughter. Or the elderly who are widowed will find spiritual sustenance through the doll. So are the love dolls sex toys or human companions? Can they emotionally replace real people? Does their existence have any impact on intimacy in reality?

Sex doll lovers are Not perverts!
Sex Doll players have their own communities. Like other interest groups, they share fun and experiences in the forums. They also make friends and socialize.”We usually put our dolls on the sofa and then talk about life, housing prices and national conditions,” said Jim, a Canadian native.

Jim, 34 years old, is very cheerful and talkative. It is hard to see that he has been playing with dolls for more than ten years. He lives with his girlfriend, and there are two silicone dolls sitting on the sofa in the living room, just like artworks.

Due to hormonal sexual impulses, Jim had an interest in sex dolls when he was in college. And he put it down after puberty. Until the age of 31, he broke up with his girlfriend who had been dating for 3 years. It was a bit like a divorce, and he was exhausted. The failure of this relationship made him more honest with himself, he resumed his love for dolls, and found a goal in life.

Jim said:”Sakura is my first realistic doll made of silicone. I have never had sex with her and just raised her as a daughter. My living room was full of five dolls. I sent two back to my hometown because of my girlfriend.”

For Jim, the doll is a new start in his life. It can stay with him until he gets over the damage of the last relationship and starts a new one. “But if you can’t get out, it doesn’t matter. With the company of the dolls, you can stay in that beautiful world for the rest of your life and never be influenced by the routine of reality.” Jim laughed and said.

We are born lonely. Lovers, friends, and family will eventually pass away and leave us, but dolls never will.

I was shocked when a collection of photos of Eva shot by a South Korean artist June Korea popped up. Eva is a silicone doll, his fantasy girlfriend. They slept together, went shopping together, went picnicking together, just like a real couple. These photos are not pornographic, but there is an indescribable sense of loneliness.

Here’s what he said:
I have been shooting sex dolls since 2002 because of the loneliness.

I don’t lack socializing. But when I wake up alone, go home alone after parties and work, or stand in a crowd, I feel lonely.

When I was a child, I naively assumed that my family and friends would never leave me, and that my fond memories would never fade away. But I found out that over time, I lost them anyway.

While studying art in New York, I experienced breaking up with my girlfriend at the time. At that time, I had the idea of taking Eva as my fantasy girlfriend and photographing her. People will leave, but the doll will not die. If I record all this in the fantasy world, it will become eternal.

I intensively photographed Eva for 2 years. I spend almost every day with her. We slept, went shopping, and had a picnic together. We laughed and cried together. We felt happy or lonely together.

Passersby would stare at us strangely, and someone would come and touch Eva, but I didn’t care. I knew that this relationship was not real. The loneliness of being human had always been a reality that I could not get rid of. However, if you need, the doll will stay with you forever and never die.

Why do we need a sex doll?
In fact, sex dolls are a substitute and fulfillment for real life. It’s quite similar to love psychology, but more inclined to possess and control a person. You may suffer setbacks in real life and find it difficult to establish a good relationship, or you have some psychological needs that cannot be satisfied in reality. Therefore, in a virtual world, this part of fantasy can be satisfied.

Some people may not be able to express their desires to a real partner, but they get satisfaction from the sex doll. Of course, the dolls can not replace the real person, but they do help our users to satisfy some of their emotions, repair their pain, repair their losses, and satisfy some of their psychological desires.

When you have a real relationship, do you still need a sex doll?
Real intimacy is about equality and autonomy. Sex dolls are also a manifestation of the desire for control in sexual relationships, while real people are much more difficult to control.

Statistics show that the vast majority of men still masturbate after marriage. When you and your partner can’t agree on sexual and emotional issues, you need to satisfy them in other ways. A sex doll is the best choice you can try.

Many women have feelings of confrontation with their husband’s mistress, such as “the silicone doll defeated me” or “I’m unattractive”. Such feelings of frustration are unnecessary. The sex doll is just an external thing, but you can get a deeper understanding of your relationship through the sex dolls. Make a communication with your partner and know why your partner needs a sex doll.

Are you still worried about what people will think about you buying a doll?

Here’s a word for you:

Never be shy about being yourself.