Hair Implant Sex Dolls V.S. Wig Sex Dolls

With the development of technology, customers are demanding more realism from sex dolls. Therefore, more and more sex doll manufacturers put into the productions of silicone sex dolls. These silicone sex dolls are more realistic, with realistic blood vessels, skin texture, freckles, and so on. To make the dolls look more like real people, in addition to wigs, doll makers offer hair transplants for silicone sex dolls.

What You Should Know About Hair Transplants Sex Dolls

1. Hair Transplants Sex Dolls Are More Expensive.

Hair transplant sex dolls manually implant hair into the doll’s scalp one by one, which will take a lot of time and effort. A silicone head with hair transplant may cost about 800 US dollars. There are two types of silicone hair transplants: real hair transplants and synthetic hair transplants. The former uses human hair to implant in the doll’s head, which is more expensive, while the latter uses wigs.

2. Hair Can Only Be Implanted Into Silicone Sex Doll Head.

The silicone material is harder than TPE material, with high toughness and strong molding ability. When hair is implanted into the doll’s scalp, the silicone head surface is not easy to crack and can maintain a good scalp surface.

What Are Sex Doll Wigs?

Generally, wig sex dolls refer to TPE dolls without hair implants. The customers need to buy extra wigs for dolls. The doll sellers will provide dolls with various styles of wigs. if you don’t have an extra budget for hair transplant, you can also choose a wig for your silicone sex doll. The cost of the wig sex doll is relatively low, usually between 1,000 to 2,000 US dollars, while the silicone sex doll wig version costs about 2,000 US dollars.

Hair Implant Sex Dolls V.S. Wig Sex Dolls

1. Realistic: The silicone head with hair transplants has the same hairline and scalp as real human, and looks more realistic and beautiful than wig sex dolls.

2. Hair Clean and Care: It will be hard for you to do cleaning and caring for your hair transplant sex dolls that the hair is tightly implanted to the scalp. You need to remove the whole head to wash the hair. However, for wig sex dolls, you just take the wig from the head and wash it. There’s no worry of damaging the doll’s head or makeup.

3. Hairstyle: The hairstyles of the hair implant dolls are basically fixed. Of course, you can make appropriate changes by yourself, but it is impossible to change and diversify at will like wig sex dolls.

4. Stability: The hair transplant sex doll is directly implanted hair into the scalp, so it doesn’t fall off the head. Wigs can slip off and scratch the doll’s head.

5. Price: Hair transplant sex dolls are much more expensive (generally 3000-5000 US dollars) because they require more time and effort. For those who don’t have enough budget, please consider sex doll wigs.