Will fake leather or PVC stain the TPE skin?

1. Be careful with the fake leather or “pleather”. One of my dolls had a black leather cape and when I opened the box and got the doll, her back was completely dyed with black! I had to wait for a few weeks before it disappeared.

Another experience with black leather I had was with my 1/6 scale Elvis Presley toy. He was wearing his black leather jacket and when I rolled up his sleeves, I saw that the jacket has mildly stained his arms!

2. I personally would be very careful and would certainly not want to leave them on her for too long.

3. I have a PVC bustier that I’m lining with uncolored canvas and I think that will be enough of a blocker.

PVC/Latex will be destroyed by TPE oil in short order unless you use a serious barrier. I had my doll in some PVC hose for a photoshoot using a pair of white hose as an under the liner and though they were on only for the shoot, I saw no damage that way. However, in experiments I did without a barrier, the PVC started to “crinkle” in minutes.