How to Deal With the Discarded Sex Doll?

When it’s time to replace an adult sex doll because of aging doll materials or a new product launch, we would ask “where do I throw it?” Sometimes we need to discard these large products for a variety of reasons, and here are some suggestions for the right way to do it.

1. Dumping “somewhere”?

Obviously, this is not the perfect way and we can read some strange news in the newspapers. Like this doll dumped in a river of sewage, suspected to be a corpse! Also, the solution is not environmentally friendly, most of the real sex dolls will be buried or at best burned in an incinerator.

2. Resale to others

So far, this is by far the best way to go. However, selling used female dolls is difficult, and they are often used as mannequins or any other items. Also, the cost of shipping is a big issue.

You can try this on different platforms such as TDF forums and other posting platforms. Some customers would try to find the cheap used love doll.

3. Recycled Doll

The dolls are shredded with many other products and scrap is removed from the metal parts by machine. If you can’t dump the entire doll into the metal trash, try to separate the skin plastic from the internal steel to simplify recycling. Usually, the TPE& silicone sex doll would be considered metal waste and therefore recyclable. most major cities have automatic recycling areas. Just pour it into the metal recycling bin and the whole process is done.

No matter what approach you take, the reasonable handling of your  love dolls is the first thing that everyone who buys a doll needs to consider because we need to create a better living environment for our realistic sex dolls and ourselves and spend quality time together.