How to Loosen Tight Joints for Sex Dolls

What makes sex dolls so realistic is that not only do they look realistic, they can also pose like real people. Their joints are made from stainless steel, which makes them very strong and can bend in a very human-like way.

For new sex doll buyers, you may find that the joints are stiff and somewhat hard to move. It’s perfectly normal. Over time, the tight joints will loosen up and become easier to move over time.

If your dolls’ joints are too tight, please bend and twist the joints regularly. They will loosen up quite a lot in the first few weeks if you keep bending the joints every day. The joints will make a slight squeak, which is normal and will become less noticeable over time.

Be careful not to twist the silicone or TPE unnaturally. Although the doll’s joints are strong, bending them in an unnatural way or forcing the doll into positions that are difficult for most people can lead to broken joints. Of course, this would also be regarded as an abuse of the doll.

Note: If your doll is silicone, please do not inject any form of oil into her joints to loosen her. Mineral-based or synthetic oils will degrade or destroy silicone.