Standing is a separate feature of the sex doll, which is usually pre-installed when you buy it. Because the material of the sex doll, especially TPE, is very soft, the interior needs artificial skeleton to support, but the palm and sole at the end of the limb are not supported by special artificial bones in general. So if the doll needs to stand, it must go through a separate special treatment.

Of course, getting the doll to stand was easier than expected. Its can be done by adding bolts to the sole of the foot. In most cases, there are two bolts on the left and right sides of the toe and the midpoint of the arch of the foot, and one bolt on each side of the heel, for a total of three bolts.
Most people who hear about standing for the first time think it's a wonderful piece of technology, but it's still not mature enough in the real world. One is that standing foot nails in sex dolls may damage the floor; The second is the sense of reality, fixing the soles of the sex doll's feet with foot nails will destroy the beauty of the sex doll's feet.

In the real world, many people worry that the sex doll's foot bolts will damage the floor of a room, depending on the material of the floor, which usually won't be crushed if it's cement or rigid tiles. However, if it is wood floor or flexible brick, it will be very easy to sag, the surface is easy to peel.

So how do you keep bolts from scratching the floor?

The first way is to wear shoes or socks; Sex dolls with standing features often scratch the floor, so manufacturers who know this offer freebies including shoes before shipping. But generally speaking, for manufacturers and distributors,considering the weight price and overall cost of postage is higher, there is no guarantee that will be given.

Another, more crude method, is to prevent the doll from standing directly on the floor;When storing sex dolls independently, it is troublesome to move the dolls back and forth and put them in boxes, so most of doll masters will stand up or even put them against the dolls with standing features vary widely in design, quality, and bolt durability, depending on craftsmanship and technology from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, if only two legs to support the weight of 20 to 40 kg doll, it is obviously difficult to support. As with a regular table or chair, a yoga mat or blanket can be Spread flat on the floor under the doll's feet so that the bolts at the bottom of the feet don't touch the floor.