On the sex doll finger bone and other additional functions of additional fees

Charge fees on finger bone, according to different doll dealer manufacturer process, setting and no extra, extra are disguised fees, some doll maker appliance with finger, no extra charge, is counted in the money doll on the whole, make you feel is favorable, some Eva, increase the function of finger bone, require extra charge, had, in fact, the cost detail to inform consumers, As for how much extra charge, we do not need to tangle, a doll owner selected a certain doll, extra charge 500? 1000? 1500?

Accept not accept cost extra requirements, Eva main didn't also way, because you don't buy their dolls, you go to looking for the next one, may not be what you want, buy a doll, involve too much, head carving XP preferences aesthetic problems, the merchant's skeleton, tearing resistance, softness, body painting, head of the body fight off makeup various functions such as an organic whole, the whole body heat, to put it bluntly, Eva, is to eat you up, Know you want this doll, other home may add the finger bone price is cheaper, but you can't, recognize planted, a wish to hit a wish to get;

And this is why, in 2021, Eva, competitive environment, there are some dolls traders began to go mad, and the phenomenon of spooky,all at sixes and sevens add items, silicone doll body advantage, is forced by market competition, is not a doll dealer is willing to, you don't, Eva business technology crazy escalation in the coming years, You will be eliminated by the consumer in the process of choosing the doll dealer;

Now seven years ago, not only the inflatable dolls, stink TPE dolls, and car tires very hard silicone doll three options, more businesses, leading to more selective, seven years ago, only specific few businesses can choose, because nothing baby seven years ago, can buy can not buy, this is seven years ago, generally doll master now are more contrast, more choice, Has technical advantages of merchants, especially the doll body, a doll body enough soft, oil level, body painting whether carry a body live two years to take a bath to remove makeup, skeleton, the whole body heating choice, mouth moving choice (can use function of mouth, the mouth with the mouth bone Locke, use mouth function, corners of the mouth not to crack mouth, is qualified mouth moving) additional features such as choice, Will decide whether a merchant is selected by the doll owner, and then carry out elimination screening, and finally decide which merchant to buy the doll; Rely on a few official figure, rely on how beautiful a head carving, now most of the old doll master, all know silicone doll head value is not at all, a few money silicone doll cost is high, the technical difficult, on the silicone doll's body, rather than the head carving, want to rely on a head carving, is sold to the twenty thousand s, is difficult, unless the doll is a outsider, If you don't understand the structure of the baby ring doll, and have a lot of money, and don't compare, you will be deceived into buying a silicone doll with stiff body, painting and makeup off after a bath, and without various additional functions. It is possible.