Big Eyes Flat Chest Mini Sex Doll Cinderella 65cm 2ft 1

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Doll size
·Height: 2ft 1 / 65cm
·Weight: 6.1Lbs / 2.8kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip: 11in*10.2in*13.7in / 28cm*26cm*35cm
·Hand length:  7in / 18cm
·Foot length: 3.1in / 8cm
·Vagina Depth:  3.9in / 10cm
·Anal depth: 0in / 0cm
·Oral depth:0in / 0cm

Cinderella is as easy as morning

The first thing Cinderella likes to do after getting up is to put on a comfortable shirt. Cinderella can still feel the current from last night’s sex. Recalling how her body felt afterwards made her nipples harden again. This feeling evoked a groan, and in the blink of an eye, Cinderella was naked. Her hand stroked her pale skin, stroked every inch of her own. Cinderella poses, her lying position makes her feel like a character toy. Her body hurts and she wants someone to touch her.

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