Best Japanese Mini Sex Dolls To Buy In 2022 [with Pictures!]

3 BEST Japanese Mini Sex Dolls 2022

Have you ever wondered why Japanese Sex Dolls are so popular? There are a few reasons why people are attracted to these beauties. Firstly, Japanese sex dolls have unique, innocent-looking faces which, depict an unexplored culture that yearns for your touch.
Also, Japanese culture is quite reserved, and the women treasure their virginity very much. In the same way, their sex dolls are designed with tight vaginas for you to savor and enjoy for a long time. These petite sex dolls are seductive, innocent, enticing, and very submissive, which makes men love them.
So, now that we’ve established why the Asian sex dolls are idolized around the world, why not look at some of the top Japanese Sex Dolls in 2022.

1, Cecilia, Flat Chested Mini Sex Doll

Mini sex doll-2022 Flat Chested Small Tits Sex Doll Cecilia 130cm 4ft 2-12

What to say about this mini sex doll? Looking at Cecilia, it really feels that age is just a number. We are willing to bet our fortune that this mini Sex Doll is easily one of the most beautiful dolls on the market right now. Well, that’s one bold claim but it’s all true. This mini sex doll can leave your senses completely mesmerized. She will leave your senses completely and thoroughly captivated. So, you get the idea that she is beautiful, like really beautiful.

2, Alva, Cute Big Breast Mini Sex Doll

Little Love Doll –Cute Big Breast Mini Sex Doll (9)
To call Alva the perfect petite doll would not be a misleading statement. In some way, that would serve as an apt definition of this doll babe.
Now to add some Japanese flavor to the mix with Alva, a doll that commands huge popularity in the AI sexbots crowd. Well, the reason is pretty evident – she is breathtakingly beautiful. Alva is an effortless beauty that gives her a natural appearance. The realism imbued in her design really makes us wonder if we should even call her a doll. We only have praise for the masterful craftsmanship that brought Alva to life.

3, Nora, Flat Chested Petite Sex Doll

small sex dolls Cute Flat Chested Petite Sex Doll Nora 128cm 4ft 1-10

The last doll to make our list of top TPE sex dolls is Nora. We included Nora because she is the best doll for beginners. If you’re new to sex doll ownership and a bit timid or unsure if you’ll like it, we recommend a doll like Nora. She is a bit smaller than all the other dolls above, so she’ll be easy to move around, store and clean. Her reduced stature also gives her a lower price point, keeping your initial investment lower in the case you find sex doll ownership is not for you.


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