Ancient people are actually such contraception!

A condom: a few dollarsVisible how important contraception is!How did the ancients without the set of contraception?In the history of ancient contraceptionAncient Egyptians were pioneersThey used it creatively as early as 4,000 years ago.
Pomegranate seed mixed with wax to make a coneSet on the male genitalsBut it is estimated that the practicality is not good.
So, in the end, it became a decorationSymbolize wealth and statusNothing to take it outLater they delved into mixing with acacia leaves and honey.
Even animal droppingsStuffed into the female bodyIt is said that the effect is very goodOthers believe that lemon juice can kill spermSo I also stuffed lemon slices.
Old Europeans on contraceptionMore believe in ideasSuch as a Roman doctor“Pithole contraception”Recommended after each sexWomen immediately went to the toilet and squattedOther than thisEuropean women will also put lettuce leaves under the partner pillowCarrying a wicker sexAnd when you are having sex, hang the testicle necklace on your neck.
Seeking blessing is not pregnantand many more……Chinese ancient methods of contraceptionBasicallyEat byWhen the Han DynastyMusk is used as a contraceptive medicineLong-term use will also have the effect of slimming beautyFamous female in the Han Dynasty, Zhao FeiyanIs to rely on musk to keep fitMusk is very expensive, generally, only the talents in the palace can affordSouthern and Northern DynastiesPeople invented the silkworm paper contraception methodSilkworm paper is the shell after the silkworm cocoon hatchingCan also be understood as the silkworm’s butt paperIn short, you can use contraceptionThe people of the Tang Dynasty were simply mad at the contraceptionThey took a decoction called “Five Poison” for contraceptionThere are mercury, arsenic and other poisons that can kill a fetusBut the important thing isIt is also possible that poisoning myself will also cause lifelong infertility.
So basically only the dedicated Tang Dynasty prostitutes will takeThroughout the history of contraceptionMost of the former half focused on women.
Most contraceptive methods are not only inefficientWill let the sister experience the differenceuntil one dayHumans finally realized!Male genitaliaIs the key to solving problems!End of the 15th centuryColumbus discovers the New WorldAlso brought back a new disease – syphilis!16th century, Italian anatomist FarropsThe invention of the linen condom to prevent syphilis was very effectiveBut this user experience isJapanese people in the innovation of condoms is mainly reflected in the materialThey put “armor” on the genitalsPerhaps the turtle shellThis hardness, really a man?Chinese people pay more attention to user experience.
Using a fishing rod as a condomHowever, there is a very big problem that it is difficult to find the right size swim bladderBut in the true sense of modern condomsIt also started with a colonel condom in 16th century Europe, in which he customized a condom for the king with a kid’s cecumThis is the pink ribbonSilky and supple, comfortable and incomparableThe king is very happy to enjoy the condom royal doctorAlso, name the condom “condom”Because this kind of condom is pure manual make very preciousSo everyone will wash and then useNew three years, old three yearsSewing stitching for another three yearsCan be called “heirloom treasure”Until the 19th centuryAmericans invented the process of rubber vulcanizationLet plastic replace the small intestine as a new material for the sleeveSafe, convenient and cheap(Sheep: let out a sigh of relief) Therefore, the current sex dolls are all these historical deductions.

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