Anastasia’s New Friends

Anastasia’s new IronTech Sex Doll Friends!
She has been busy… and now she has new roommates!! 
As always, the new family members had a welcome photo shoot by Christopher who you should follow on Instagram @angeldollphotography luckily we can show you some parts that you couldn’t see in Instagram, so scroll down to see all the angles and hidden gems 😉

Here you can see and read more about Anastasia who has been in previous posts with us!

She is always traveling and living the finest life! now she has a new family and many more roommates, some of the latest additions are Aniko and Aneisha, and here below you can see the best photos of their photo shoot. Enjoy!!
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The day she arrived they started taking photos outside, but it was getting hot and they decided to go inside… one thing led to another and she ended up seducing the camera…

She was born to seduce and went straight into lingerie modeling… there was no way she was going to stay dressed for a long time, so the game went on pretty fast

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