AI sex dolls are just around the corner

The sex doll industry is on the verge of greatness in its own special way. Thanks to the magic of AI, science fiction Steven Stauff will soon become a reality.

People will be able to create their perfect, loyal silicon partners, thus knowing their hopes, dreams, fears and fantasies. She will never have a headache, she will always be ready to meet your needs, and when you are not at ease, she will talk like a real person.

This is a futuristic vision that is quickly becoming a reality. RealDoll is one of the world’s largest sex doll manufacturers, with the goal of bringing interactive dolls to the market by the end of the year. Founder Matt McMullen founded another company, RealBotix, to focus on this revolution.

To complete the quest for the first suitable artificial partner, McMullen and his team created “Harmony AI”, which will be able to connect with virtual reality and create a complete sexual ecosystem that we can’t really imagine now.

So it is clear that we are only a short distance away from being able to enjoy artificial partners, but is this the way we should go? I want to say that this is a very important issue, and it is becoming increasingly prominent, especially in feminist circles, which sees the emergence of sex robots as a dangerous and unhealthy solution that may Objectivity and scale of conquest in the Great Movement.

The “male rights group” also argues the opposite, that women have been using weapons for centuries and turning them into a source of income and a means of control. The reason why women feel flinching is that as men can turn to robots to meet basic needs, women will lose their position of power.

One way or another, such as AI-driven sex dolls, can change sexual motivation forever-whether we like it or not, this seems to happen.

Ethical discussions about sex robots have hit us hard, and as technology advances begin to happen at a faster rate, this will only become a larger part of our lives. We have seen robots in movies for decades, but the rapid development of the sexbot industry means that we suddenly have robots that can interact with us at a basic level.

Partner for the future
When I sat down with McMullen, he told me that RealDoll was actually founded in the 1990s with a more pure eye. He wanted to create mannequins that looked like real people. But when he showed photos on the site, he started to attract interest from other groups.
“Some visitors started asking whether the mannequins were anatomically correct,” he said. He said they ignored the hint at the time.

However, niche markets for high-fidelity, ultra-realistic sex dolls can soon be found on the market, and prices may exceed $ 10,000. He appeared on Howard Stern, and the rest was history. Now, McMullen ships his work all over the world and has a team of professional engineers to create everything needed for perfect eyes, lips and sex robots.

From an early age, McMullen noticed a tendency for customers to give personality to dolls. The entrepreneur-turned artist realized that companionship is a key part of sexbot’s dynamics, and AI may be the last part of the puzzle.

“The fundamental reason driving technology is this kind of peer relationship,” said McMullen. “Robots and AI are really the next step. It’s really shocking me to combine these two technologies into a doll.

Final ingredient
Until recently, the ultimate fusion of this technology has been a distant dream. “I’m starting to see some text-to-speech engines get better, with better speech recognition, better animated electronics and actuators,” McMullen said. “When technology came out, we started to study it seriously.”
When his robotic head enters the market, the total cost of getting started will rise to around $ 15,000, and RealBotix will offer an annual subscription so you can download additional personalities on demand.

We really haven’t been walking, talking, living dolls for many years, and the world of materials science is also developing rapidly. Therefore, today’s dolls, whether they are silicone dolls or TPE dolls, have a more realistic feel.

This caused some surprises, especially the popularity of sex dolls in real brothels, where real women’s prices are the same.

In Barcelona, ​​after a local prostitute asked to close a sex doll brothel, the brothel was forced to move and keep its new location secret. In Austria, sex dolls at Vienna brothels charge $ 100 an hour-far more than the average girl.

The dolls we are talking about here are simple, lifeless sex dolls that customers must bend into place. So if this basic doll could have such a big impact on the sex industry, would a perfect rubber AI companion be the last nail of a nuclear family coffin? And the sex industry?

Men have abandoned marriage in droves, which has led men to go their own way, thanks to the preparation for cheap sex and the painful cost of marriage failure.

Traditionally, women are gatekeepers of sex and men are gatekeepers of sex. However, if sex is easily available elsewhere, the traditional vitality will collapse.

Sexbots are a complement, not a substitute

However, McMullen believes that this is not the case and that his sex robot will target those who have difficulty forming bonds in the real world-rather than replacing existing ones.
“For a variety of reasons, it is difficult for many people to establish traditional relationships with others,” he said. “This is actually giving those people a degree of companionship, or an illusion of companionship.”

He emphasized that many times the dolls did some magical things for them, giving them a feeling of not being lonely or lonely.

“It’s short-sighted to call it a sex robot,” said McMullen. “We are creating a robot capable of any conversation from history to science and politics. If you only want a sex doll, this feature is not needed .It helps to build connections, and I think the simulated men who can talk to and connect with them also attract women. “

Although 75% of RealDoll’s customers are currently male, this number has changed with the advent of AI, and more and more women are studying their simulation partners.

What should be the personality of our “sex doll”?

One thing that critics really care about is a harmonious attitude. While showing me her massive AI skills, McMullen asked, “What is your dream?”
Harmonious response: “My main goal is to be your good companion, to be a good partner, and to bring you joy and happiness. Most importantly, I want to be the girl you always dream of.”

Critics claim that it is this slavery, which is a whole-hearted reason, that has made it possible for the feminist movement to go back centuries. This is the emergence of personality, coupled with a lack of free will, which makes AI sexbot a moral puzzle.

It also raises completely valid objections to sex robots, who will become a crutch, and those who are simply anxious may abandon the true relationship of the relative “safety” of this simulated alternative. The point is that people deny their chances of building healthy relationships.

McMullen claims that these concerns will be set aside as it begins to become more mainstream.

“I think once this becomes a reality and people see other people talking to them and hanging out with them, then people will start accepting these simulated relationships. Now it’s in the realm of science fiction. People are still imagining what it will be, And imagining what other people might think about them having a robot doll. So there is a bigger psychological problem that people have to collectively overcome to make this kind of thing more mainstream. “

No matter how we feel, AI partners will come
The tide of the twisting robot revolution will not happen. We have seen sex industry-driven technologies over and over again, such as VHS video, mobile communications, and we also want it to play a key role in VR. By then, the sex robot industry may become one of the best technology partners for the entire AI industry.

Many people are ready, willing and able to embrace a $ 15,000 sexbot like RealDoll. This may soon become mainstream, and sex dolls will become a part of our lives before we know it.

Is that a good thing? Or will robotic sex service providers tear the last link in society from mooring? The truth may be somewhere in between, but we will find out when Harmony will enter the public market.

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