Advantages and Disadvantages of Mini Sex Dolls

Nowadays, there are so many dolls options for us to choose from, some of you may be interested in a mini sex doll, some of them even look like a young girl, are they cute? Yes, they are, but have you ever wondered are mini sex dolls worth buying or not? Are they legal in the US? What if someone else finds I’m buying a sex doll and report to the police, will I be in danger?

Don’t worry, my friend, first of all, mini sex dolls are legal in the US, and if you purchase mini sex doll from our shop, I’m pretty sure other people will never know what’s inside, because we pay attention to the privacy, also the police will not put you in trouble because of this.

There is also a doll called torse, but they normally don’t have a head, legs, or arms, it may be like a masturbator, but bigger the price of torse and mini sex doll are the same, so why not mini sex doll if you are interested in small sex doll and those cute girls. It comes to your preference, both full-size and tiny petite size dolls have certain advantages and disadvantages. There are thousands of adult sex dolls on those platforms like eBay or Amazon, but there are none of the mini sex dolls on that platform, why? Because child-like mini sex dolls are illegal on that platform, but I have to tell you here, there are lots of buyers and demands for a mini sex doll, that’s the reason why we are here, to satisfy you, maybe some of you have seen some small sex dolls on that platform, but they will disappear in a short time because those shop owners don’t dare to sell them in a long time, normally they just create a link, and someone will buy it quicky, they delete the link very quickly to prevent the eBay system from finding out, that’s terrible, isn’t it? Yes it is, what if we want to check some of the other mini sex dolls, and put them in the chart for a while because of the money thing, luckily you can do it on our website, here you can shop mini sex dolls like you are buying regular life products, nobody will cause you any trouble, and the doll you are interested will not disappear suddenly, we also receive customized and ship from China (for now), it takes around 10-14 days to get there.

Small cute young sex dolls normally are 65-135cm, their face is different from adult sex dolls, if you are interested in a young girl sex doll, they will bring you a different sex experience, so why not a mini sex doll, and the price is relatively cheaper than tall sex doll, easy to carry around and cleaning, isn’t it wonderful?

Advantages of Small size Sex Dolls:

  • AFFORDABLE: Cheaper than a full-sized realistic sex doll costing half or even less;
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: They are lighter and easy to carry around, if some of you have an adult sex doll, you may know, how sex dolls can be weighed. Easy for cleaning and cuddle with for you.
  • CLOTHING: It’s easier for you to put on clothing because they are easier to move around and twist the arms and legs.
  • STORAGE: You can hide them in lots of small places, closets, or even travel bags, for adult sex doll storage, you know it’s not an easy job, also easier to conceal her.
  • CLEANING: Cleaning can be troublesome if you have an adult sex doll because they are very big, so you have to spend around 1hour to cleaning them, but for mini sex dolls, you don’t have to, it takes around 15 minutes to clean a small sex doll, and little cute young mini sex dolls are relatively light, so they are very easy for you to carry around.
  • TIGHTER: These micro TPE love dolls are tighter than almost any other silicone girl or male masturbator. There is barely anything out on the market that can rival micro sex dolls in this field.
  • CONVENIENT: If you want something exciting and try something new, you can use the sex doll while you watch porn, a 65-80cm mini young girl sex doll is the best way to go because you can free your hands to browse the net or your video collection, you don’t have to hold it like a masturbator.
  • CUTE: So many people want a small cute face, and for those people who lose their child, a child’s sex doll can be companionship for them.
  • EASY RETURNS: There is no challenge and difficulty to return a small sex doll. Compared with BBW products that are so big, moving them outside the house will be a lot of work, many sellers scam people with those disadvantages, because they know those people don’t bother to return those heavy sex dolls. But if someone sent you a bad or you are not satisfied with her, it’s easy for you to return it and get a refund, there is no problem.
  • DISPOSAL: I have written a blog about how to dispose of a big adult sex doll, you may know how much works it takes, but disposal of a mini sex doll is relatively easy and inconvenient.
  • FRIENDSHIP: for those who have trouble socializing or can’t keep pets, a miniature Silicone or TPE doll might be the only thing to help with the loneliness.
  • LESS RISKY: If you are new in the sex doll industry, you may take a risk to buy a sex doll, because you don’t know how a sex doll feels like, so the best way is to buy a mini sex doll first, the risk is much smaller.

Disadvantages of Small size Sex Dolls:

  • DURABILITY: for a 65-100cm mini sex doll, they normally don’t have removable vaginas, So once be damaged you have to get a new one, and they won’t durable as the bigger one.
  • LEGALITY: Sadly, not all countries are legal for the mini sex doll, please ask our customer service to see if we can ship to your country before you place your order.
  • CREEPY: Well, I have to say, for many of them are extremely cute, but for some of them they are very creepy and not natural, because for some of them we will minimize some adult sex dolls, but for most of them are original, they only have a mini version, which is very cute, like a young girl, just choose your favorite one and place the order, if some of them disturb you, we are sorry for that.
  • HARD TO FIND: I have said it before, lots of platforms, don’t allow sellers to sell mini sex dolls, so mini sex doll shops are hard to find, if you want to find a good one like us, it’s more difficult, so if you are reading the passage, please collect our website for further using, if you have placed your order here, you can also advise this website to your friends.
  • ONLY ONLINE: if you want to buy a teen sex doll, you have to buy it online, no adult toy store in real life sell mini sex doll because those sellers are hard to buy the mini sex dolls. Finding a teen sex doll website is hard, and we are professional, please choose your favorite one and give us a try.

Thank you for reading till the end. You may have already made your decision about which model suits better for your needs and your budget.

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