Popular Adult Mini Sex Doll Brand 2022 – The Best Tpe & Silicone Sex Dolls

In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption, the quality of inflatable dolls is not as good as that of physical dolls, so physical sex dolls have the opportunity to emerge. There are also many physical sex doll manufacturers in China, and the technology is also top-notch. Of course, this is related to money. Directly proportional.
China’s production technology is relatively developed, so it is not surprising that many Chinese physical sex dolls have flooded into the market. These Chinese sex dolls have a variety of looks, with different skin tones, different looks, and different bodies. Such as blonde sex dolls, cartoon sex dolls, mini sex dolls. . .

Next, let’s talk about the popular brands of physical sex dolls in China.


WM doll is the largest sex doll manufacturer, based in Guangdong Province, China. WM Doll is one of the most famous sex doll brands in the world. It is one of the earliest established sex doll brands, covering almost all kinds of sex dolls. WM dolls are customers’ favorites and are known for their excellent quality and details. WM sex dolls are made of high-quality TPE and silicone materials, which are both hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Their sex dolls are soft and real, and many people like their TPE love dolls.

www.oudoll.com is an authorized supplier of WM dolls.

If you want to wholesale WM sex dolls, then you must place an order quickly, otherwise the dolls will be sold out.

WM Doll is relatively well-known in China. They have been exporting sex dolls for many years, so the brand is also well-known abroad. Of course, the faces of their sex dolls are quite realistic and beautiful.

Mini sex doll -Khloe sex realdoll 4.59ft 140cm No.H512-03
WM Mini Sex Doll


JY Doll ranks first among the top ten famous brands in China. JY Doll is a leading supplier of TPE sex dolls based in Dongguan, China. It was established in 2012 and has 8 years of manufacturing experience. Their real sex dolls are very beautiful and realistic, and many popular sex dolls are from JY dolls.
The skin is fair, the breasts and buttocks are large, and the height is generally between 135cm-170cm. JY dolls are made of durable and realistic top TPE material, and many doll lovers like this sex doll.

The sex dolls they produce are strong in European and American faces and facial features, and the three-dimensional effect is the strongest through makeup and light and shadow effects. The price is also maintained at the upper middle, covering different heights, figures, and options are still strong.

Physical sex dolls can paint their own makeup! As long as you are ingenious, bold and careful, it is a pleasure. If the skin of the physical doll is really stained or has stains that cannot be wiped off, it can be restored with a decolorizing cream dedicated to the physical sex doll. The operation is a bit more complicated and time-consuming, but it is not completely hopeless.

JY Mini Sex Doll

AF Dolls

AF Dolls is also a famous brand of sex dolls in China. The realistic TPE sex dolls can easily arouse your sexual desire and are the perfect companion for your bed rest activities. Specific skin tones, looks, areolas and intimacy are available to meet your requirements.

AF Doll is a well-known manufacturer of TPE sex dolls and many people order sex dolls from AF on a daily basis. AF sex dolls are less expensive than any other brand and the quality is very good. The products are updated very quickly. There are many body types, from 100 cm to 180 cm, from small breasts to large breasts, which one do you prefer?

AF Doll has created many sexy and beautiful sex dolls based on European and American porn stars. These sex dolls are perfectly built with large breasts, small waistlines and voluptuous asses. Every part of their body seems to appeal to you.


Femdom Dolls is a high-tech company that has developed in recent years. Their silicone sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular. With realistic skin and soft bodies, female sex dolls are a great experience. Their most popular body shapes are the female Type 9, Type 7, Type 10, Type 11 and Type 12. The most popular silicone heads are the feminine Laura, the feminine Hui Li and the feminine Elina, all of whom have had many positive reviews in recent years.

Female synthetic humanoid sex dolls are made from a very advanced silicone material. Although the silicone material is harder than TPE, the Gynoid love doll uses the latest technology to make the silicone material feel as soft as TPE, giving the Gynoid real sex doll the best experience.

This is the biggest draw! Gynoid Doll sex dolls are made from a high-tech silicone material that is soft to the touch, a feature that almost no other manufacturer has been able to achieve.


Irontech Dolls is one of the top ten brands of sex dolls in China. The sex dolls are mainly TPE sex dolls.

The skin of these dolls is very close to the texture of a real person’s skin. If you cover your eyes you can’t even feel the difference between the vagina of an Irontech doll and a real one. The softness is exactly the same. It is also one of the best brands of sex dolls in the world. With a metal skeleton and delicate skin, the experience is real and I don’t want to stop.

European sex doll-Blonde Sweet Little Tits Sex Doll Porn Paityn 128cm 4ft 1-01
IRONTECH Mini Sex Doll


Sanhui dolls are one of the most popular brands. With high quality and low prices, the Sanhui dolls are the best choice for you. You can’t imagine how sexy a real erotic doll can be. With your guidance, they will perform at their best. With a metal frame, the body of the sex doll can be changed into various positions. Sanhui dolls have TPE sex dolls that are realistic, soft and white to meet any of your needs.


Sino Dolls is the best brand of TPE and silicone sex dolls. The lifelike Sino Dolls sex dolls are very detailed, reliable, surreal and flexible and are an effective alternative to sex on the bed porn.

Sino doll has two series, the “TOP” series and the “S” series. The “Top” series has the most perfect sex dolls. They are silicone dolls with realistic skin and faces. They are loved by many doll lovers. Some people even think they are real wives.

Buy Sino Dolls sex dolls from our shop and we’ll give you the best value for money! The most popular sex dolls are Miyabi and Ari, both Japanese girls who surprised us the most with her exquisite appearance.

Okay, let’s conclude that both Chinese silicone sex dolls and Chinese TPE sex dolls are more mature in their production process. These sex dolls are realistic and have various styles of appearance, which can meet the preferences of different consumers.

If you need wholesale TPE sex dolls, please contact us, we are the largest wholesaler of adult physical sex dolls in China, and we also offer retail services at reasonable prices, including shipping!

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