Glasses Cute Girl Mini Sex Doll Abigaile 158CM


Doll size:
Height: 158cm
Weight: 31.25kg
Bust * waist * hip: 75*49*81cm
Hand length: 63cm
Foot length: 21 cm
Vagina Depth: 18 cm
Anal depth: 16cm
Oral depth:13 cm
To meet your needs, you should avoid having time on the way, and you can also work at the same time by wearing them to occasionally show off your underwear. Take them. For this reason, mini sex doll can be used by students to have sex and want to pass by their lazy women. The man in front of the screen, mini sex doll, likes to lift his eyes suddenly, watch the mature body of mini sex doll, and sit still, just like mini sex Doll finally set foot on the most sex. If it is not tested, you are really beautiful porcelain doll

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