OUDOLL offers a variety of sex dolls with different bodies that are also more erotic, including fair-skinned blondes, Asian sex dolls with different styles, various types of adult love dolls, elf love dolls, anime love dolls, etc. In addition, we offer sex dolls with various body sizes and price points.


Sex Doll In Stock 3-7 Days Delivery

We have ready stock of lifelike sex dolls available in stock (US&EU). It will ship within 24-hours if you order now. Get it in 3-7 days.

Quantity limited, Come and take it!

Lifelike Sex Dolls Collection

Lifelike Sex Dolls Collection

Purchase Guarantee At Oudoll


Our sex doll can provide customers with eyes, wig, nails,etc, chest and other customized services,we also support photo customization service, for you to create a unique girl.


All our dolls are made of medical TPE material, non-toxic and odorless. They have been CE and FDA approved, so you can feel rest assured to use


All our products are placed in a secret carton, and there will not show anything related to doll on the outside packaging.


We provide free worldwide delivery through FedEx, DHL, UPS . Goods stocked in overseas warehouses ( US &EU), delivered within 3-7 days

Sex Dolls FAQ

1. What does sex doll packaging look like? Is it completely secret?

To protect the body during transportation, our love dolls are kept in sturdy boxes with cushioning materials. There are no words about sex dolls and other adult products on the surface of the product packaging. If you don’t open the carton, you don’t know what is inside. We attach great importance to the privacy of every customer.

2. What payment methods are supported?

We have two main payment methods: credit card and paypal.

Main support JCB credit card, VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club.

As for the paypal payment, please contact our customer service ( to help you deal with it after you take the picture.

If you have any problem with payment, you can visit our payment page or email us to help you deal with it.

3. How long can I receive my doll after payment?

We will arrange production immediately after receiving your order. Generally, it takes 1-3 days for production and 7-10 days for express delivery. According to your specific address, the time of receiving the goods will be different.

4.Can sex dolls have the same functions as real people?

Of course, all of our love dolls are imitating real female bodies, with all female parts, such as mouth, breast, vagina, anus and buttocks, which can be kissed and touched. Each of oursex  dolls has a specific skeleton, which can be put into various sexual positions like women.

5. The process from ordering to receiving the sex doll

The process from placing an order on Oudoll to receiving the sex doll mainly includes the following steps:

(1) Select your sex dolls on Oudoll and place an order for payment. For details on how to place an order for purchase, please click here for more information.

(2) OuDOLL will arrange the order for production after we receive your order information. It will take about 2-3 days to complete the production of your sex doll

(If you purchase goods from overseas warehouse, we will directly inform the warehouse of delivery after receiving your order)

(3) After completion, we will have special staff to check and pack the goods, and then deliver the goods to FedEx, DHL or USP. Through them, we will transport the goods to you, and you will receive a beautiful sex doll as shown in the picture.

(4) After shipment, we will send you the tracking number by email. You can check the tracking track of the goods on FedEx, DHL or USP official website.

(5) Finally, the local Courier will send the package to your home. When you receive the goods, you must carefully check whether the outer packaging is damaged. If there is any problem, you can contact us to help you deal with it.

6. How to care for sex dolls?

(1) Cleaning

Wig cleaning

The love doll’s hair also needs to be taken care of and washed approximately every 1-2 months. It is the same with shampoo, but what is different is, not make circle knead, knead gently however. For better results, you can use conditioner. Mix the conditioner in water and soak in the wig for about half an hour before letting it air dry.

The vagina cleaning

A vaginal irrigator is included in the carton and can actually be used for oral and anus. It’s cheap and convenient. After washing, place the sex doll in your hand. The water will flow out naturally. You can also dry the sex doll with a hair dryer. Or use special dry rods and place them in the vagina to absorb moisture.

When cleaning, if you feel the sex doll is dirty, you can wash it with water or add body wash. If the dirt doesn’t come off, you can use olive oil. For large spots or very severe spots, bleaching creams can be used, but others are not recommended.

(2) Maintenance


You can use olive oil or makeup remover to remove makeup, so if you have a sex doll, it’s best to take it with you. You can remove it at any time, but it will be difficult to achieve the same look in the future, so don’t wash if you don’t think you have much makeup skills.


The skeleton of the sex doll does not fully mimic the human body, so please refer to the moving range instructions and operate within the given moving range. For example, simple shrugs, knees, standing and sitting are all possible. If damaged, returning it for repair can be trouble. The TPE is very tear resistant, you can pinch it and grab it, but don’t forget to cut the nails so as not to hurt the sex doll. If your doll is made of silicone, you should try not to push too hard. Silicon is usually inelastic and scratches are not repaired.

(3) Storage

The trumpet is basically convenient, just find the right place. Luggage can be placed between 65cm and 105cm. If it is 125cm or more, use a sofa type storage box. It’s a safer type, looks like it’s a sofa, plus a sofa cover is absolutely confidential.

7. Can I return the sex doll for a refund if I am not satisfied with it?

All of our sex dolls have gone through strict quality control, we are really sorry if there is some defect in the received sex doll, please do not use the sex doll at present, contact us through email within 24 hours, we will give you the corresponding compensation or replacement sex doll according to the degree of defect of the sex doll.

For more information, please visit our return and Exchange policy page.


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Real Sex Dolls Factory Pirctures

Here is real photo of the love dolls in the factory, each love doll is our staff carefully designed, made, makeup, and if you need to confirm the pictures before shipment, you can inform us by email, we will be in again after you confirm the delivery, oudoll is committed to every customer to provide the highest quality of the sex doll, please rest assured purchase.

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