5 Amazing Sex Positions to Try With MINI SEX DOLL

As we already know, advanced?MINI SEX DOLLs?look exactly like real human beings. Besides the elastic and soft skin, they also have internal skeletons that enable different alterations to various positions for sexual pleasure. If you just acquired your MINI SEX DOLL for the first time and you’re captivated about having sex with a MINI SEX DOLL, then we?can help you?to achieve a unique and incredible experience. You can play with these MINI SEX DOLLs as much as you want since they don’t get tired. They symbolize the flawless combination of ultra-modern production accuracy and human objectives. Some can also be designed differently according to the buyer’s taste.

MINI SEX DOLLs can save or improve a monotonous relationship. They can help you attain some very wild imaginations. Ultimately synthetic people, offering companionship and sexual pleasure. MINI SEX DOLLs are similar in nearly every aspect to men and women.

Luckily, these dolls are safe to use.?Such dolls provide many benefits?to the user, and their most significant necessity is their inability to spread HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. This is of course if only one person uses it for sexual pleasure. If you decide to share your MINI SEX DOLL with someone, you should thoroughly clean it before using it.

How do you have sex with a MINI SEX DOLL? Here are five amazing sex positions you can try out with your doll to enjoy more pleasurable sex.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is one of the most preferred positions for most people.This sex position is great if you want erotic stimulation. Make your MINI SEX DOLL kneel on the bed surface such that she’s facing downwards. Slightly raise her arms above the head to balance or support her body in that posture. Open her legs from behind to improve her balance. Penetrate her from behind, and you can choose to drill her hard or gently, as you please. If you are a lover of rough sex, this position gives you the chance to spank your doll’s ass just like you would have done to a human partner. Ensure you are careful enough to protect her knees from friction and once you are done penetrating her, straighten her legs back into a neutral position to avoid prolonged damage.

Try this sex pose with a big ass MINI SEX DOLL for added pleasure. You can enjoy spanking your doll as you give her hard thrusts.

However, this position is less intimate than other sex positions, ideal for slow and deep penetrations, and if not performed carefully, can cause damage to the knees.

The Cradle

This is a great sex position to add to your catalogue as it is intimate and doesn’t require much strength or stamina to achieve. Sit down and face your MINI SEX DOLL; wrap your legs around her body so that her legs are wrapped around your waist while making sure they are stuck to your waist. Allow your Ava to slide her hips towards you until you enter her and then begin to move together slowly.

However, this position won’t give you too much of an impact, although a slow and surprisingly physical form can lead to a real climax in this position. The quiet, sensual movements will allow you to last longer and enjoy great pleasure.


If you like to lie down during sex, then you’ll find this position much more fun. It’s effortless; lie on your back on the floor or bed and place the MINI SEX DOLL on your body in a squatting position. Place your hands on her waist and begin to thrust gently or firmly. In this way you can reach orgasm while watching her breasts bob up and down. You can also admire her beautiful face as you penetrate her quickly.

You can also put your doll in a reverse cowgirl position on you. But with this position you won’t be able to look into her eyes or at her bouncing breasts. Here you either go straight inside her while you thrust her in, or you can also let her ride you.

You can also use the weight of the doll to help you and add extra passion to your sexual moments.

Bent Over

This sexual position is very common and has been used by many couples in the last few years. To perfect this sex position you must have your MINI SEX DOLL standing beautifully in front of you and then penetrate her from behind. You then stand closer to the table, chair or bed and hold your love doll from behind.

This is the ideal position for vaginal and anal piercing. You can make your doll even sexier by having her wear sexy high heels and having her stretch her hips hard. The beauty of this position is that it can be performed anywhere, even outside the bedroom. You can also add to the fun by introducing different objects to bend your doll, such as beds, pillows, chairs and sofas.

Be careful not to use rough surfaces, which can cause damage to your doll’s artificial skin. Even though this position can bring you to orgasm, it is not meant to be used for an extended period of time. This is because it will scrape off her knees and other body parts as time goes on.


This sexual position has become the default sexual position. The missionary sex position has been used for many years because it is good. Having sex in the missionary style is easy, without having to be nervous or maintain eye contact with your doll. You can achieve it by placing your doll on her back. You can then bend her legs slightly as you stretch her legs.

Or, instead of bending her legs, you can place them on your shoulders. This will allow you to see her breasts as you thrust and pull out your penis. Another advantage of using this sex position is that you can jerk anywhere you feel on your doll. The missionary position is one of the best positions for dolls because it is simple and allows you to slide in and out of her quickly. In addition, it also makes you feel more attached to the doll.

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