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Sex dolls leased for permission in Kamloops, doll brothel opens in Vancouver

Kristen Dickson has always wanted to own a brothel, but her new sex doll escort service has reduced legal issues. In fact, her House of Dolls in Kamloops has a New York City license to operate as a family rental business for adult novel toys. Dickson abandoned the brothel business model because Kamloops banned so-called […]

Calgary has sex doll rental services and yes they clean them

When you heard about sex doll rental services, what was the first thing you thought of? If you’re like most customers or potential customers of Calgary-based Natrl Dolls, it’s: “How do I clean them?” Alright, first clean the program. The whole process takes place when the doll’s body hangs from the hook on the hook […]

Contest to build the world’s first sex doll robot

The abyss creation factory’s brightly lit sex doll robot workshop San Marcos, California, a life-size humanoid from a stand, dangling between her shoulder blades and hooked. Her name is Harmony. She was wearing a white bodysuit, her chest pushed forward, and her French-manicured fingers spread out over the slender top of her thigh. Harmony is […]

San Marcos-based RealDoll launches AI sex dolls

On February 6, 2018, San Marcos RealDoll’s artificial intelligence robot head is the latest product of targeted dolls. Sex doll movie “Nature” (1974) The Object of Love (2003) Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004 Anime) “The Fuccons” (In 2006, this wasn’t actually good, but it was really weird and must be believed, this is […]

RealDoll is developing an AI robot for its next-generation sex doll

Nearly 20 years after selling “the world’s best sex doll”, RealDoll is developing an animated, robotic, artificial intelligence head that can switch to an existing RealDoll body. According to Matt McMullen, the founder and CEO of RealDoll, the purpose of the move is “to awaken someone beyond the body on an emotional, intellectual level.” If […]

Sex doll brothel? What we might see in the age of sex robots

Although Abyss produces both male and female dolls (including transsexual dolls), the majority of its sales are men who buy women. According to Abyss estimates, every male doll leaving the factory will sell nine female dolls. The FRR report also states that there is consensus among scholars that sex doll robots may lead to greater […]

Father-son team brings sex doll rental service to Vancouver

The sex doll rental service that started a few months ago in Calgary is expanding into British Columbia and will begin serving customers in the Greater Vancouver area on Friday. Two oil and gas workers founded Natrl Dolls in November, and they brought a third business partner to lead Vancouver’s expansion: one of their fathers. […]

Sex Drive: Welcome to the sex corridor in the UK where people can buy sex dolls in the school corridor

Kate wanted to shut down the highway and embark on the sidewalk of her family-friendly passenger car without gas. Instead of stopping like most drivers do, moms go around to pick up the kids and go to the Pulse and Cocktails sex shop to buy a weird sex doll. It is one of four adult […]