Monthly Archives: February 2020

Sex doll startup is shelved

The family-based company, House of Dolls, opened in December 2018 and leased an anatomically correct TPE silicone sex doll. By March 2019, Kristen Dickson has moved to Calgary due to personal matters not related to business Kamloops’ first sex doll rental business didn’t last long. It came and left in just a few months, but […]

Mississauga charges allegations against rental sex doll business

The City of Mississauga has filed charges against a sex doll rental business operating near Eglinton Avenue East and Dixie Road. Aura Dolls rents silicone dolls to customers who visit its website for sexual gratification. When booking appointments online, the business location will be disclosed. The city said it had been investigating Aura Dolls since […]

Sex dolls : some people want to find themselves

In April 2016, the four-day 13th Shanghai International Adult Exhibition was held in Shanghai. Tens of thousands of spectators enter the venue every day to take photos, repost, and share the novelty and joy brought by sex products. Compared with the past, there are more post-80s and post-90s in this exhibition. For the younger generation […]

Las Vegas sex doll experience sounds like the Western world

A sex doll brothel opened in Eastern Europe, and Randy’s gamblers pay £ 70 an hour to lure silicon seducers. Naughty Harbor in the Czech Republic can choose from three loving dolls that customers will play while wearing virtual reality headsets. SexTechGuide reports that in action, a dirty clip of a visitor’s favorite porn star […]

China’s first sex doll experience hall: opened in the factory district sex and loneliness

When I arrived at Guanlan Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, it was close to noon. This area is well-known for its industrial zone and satellite city. There are many factories and most of the factory sites are named after “XX Industrial Park” and “XX Technology City”. The shop of “Ai Lele Real Doll Experience Hall” (hereinafter […]

South Korea’s sex doll industry disputes “life-size” imports

A sex doll sits on a chair in a warehouse of Korean sex toy retailer and MS Harmony. The doll costs about $ 2,068 and comes with a customized Japanese face. After the South Korean company won the dispute, it promoted the legal import of densely packed sex dolls in June 2019 and is […]