10 Insane Facts About Sex Dolls

Things you didn’t know about sex dolls
With the recent trend of Sex Dolls becoming a more popular thing, one would be surprised just how many peculiar facts and figures there are about this phenomenon. Here are some facts about sex dolls that you might not have needed to know:
1. While most sex doll owners literally use their sex dolls as sex toys and objects for their own pleasure, some men go beyond and treat these dolls as actual partners. An extreme case is Davecat, a man from Michigan, who not only has married a sex doll he has affectionately named Sidore but has a mistress named Elena as well who is a sex doll. Davecat’s wife, Sidore Kuroneko, is a RealDoll, manufactured by Abyss Creations, costs about $6,000. Davecat and Sidore aren’t legally married, but they have matching wedding bands and are set to have a ceremony for their 15th anniversary.

2. The Japanese sex doll industry has a unique term for their sex dolls: Dutch Wives. This was due, historically, to the fact that Dutch sailors were known to have spent months in the open sea and had tried to be creative to solve their “loneliness” problem. They had fashioned puppets out of cloth to satisfy their urges somewhat. In French, these would be called “dame de voyage” and in Spanish, sailors would refer to them as “dama de viaje”. Both these terms would roughly translate to “lady of the travel”. With Dutch sailors, they would create these dolls in leather and had a penchant for stopping by at Japanese ports and trading these creations away. To this day, the history of sex dolls coming from the Dutch has stuck with the Japanese.

3. Barbie is known today to be a staple in most childhood homes. As child-friendly as this brand of dolls is now, it actually started out with a more mature origin. Barbie, in fact, was actually originally based on a sex doll. Back in the 1950s, Germany had a small doll called the Bild Lilli doll. It was a doll based on a particularly popular and attractive actress in Germany and was made for adult men. This erotic doll became widely popular among its demographic at the time. American toymakers took note and created a doll more suited for children. Now there are adult dolls with bodies similar to the old doll.
4. Sex dolls can get pretty real. From the movement and operability of their limbs to the details of the hairs on their brows, meticulous craftsmanship and careful factory work can get sex dolls to look almost impossibly similar to the real thing. But did you know that even their weight can get pretty realistic, too? Sex dolls can weigh a lot, with a range from 75 pounds to 115 pounds. This might be one of the reasons not too many females use sex dolls as well. The weight makes moving them around a bit of a workout.
5. Many sex doll manufacturers offer sex dolls of the male variant as well. On average, though, these only accounts for around 10 percent of overall sales. It might not help that there are much fewer options when it comes to male sex dolls and has much less customizability than their female counterparts.

6. The fandom that’s based on their devotion to the Sex Doll industry and culture like to call themselves “iDollators”. This fan community revolves around their collective love for sex dolls, with many iDollators fancying their realistic sex dolls as real companions and partners. For most of these men, they turned to synthetic sex dolls after deciding that dealing with real women was just too difficult for them. Many of them will argue that a synthetic doll would never lie, cheat, or criticize you like normal flesh and blood women would and are thus superior to their organic counterparts.

7. The inventor of the Fleshlight, Steven Shubin, had already been in the game of synthetic sex dolls even way back in 1995. Being as creative and technical a person as he is, he had previously submitted a patent for a mannequin filled with an oily elastomer. He would later on patent a “device for discreet sperm collection” in 1996, which would eventually be known as the Fleshlight.

8. Howard Stern is known for the raunchy stuff being done on his show, but did you know that he was one of the main reasons that sex dolls became as popular as they were back in the 1990s? He had ordered a RealDoll for his show at the time and was reported to have sex with it on the air. Because of the stunt and the publicity, orders for the doll Stern used went through the roof. Now, the company sells as many as 300 dolls every year. With each doll being at least $5,500, the company has Howard Stern to thank for their revenue.

9. Even the more established sex industry staples are starting to take notice of the rising popularity of sex dolls. Brothels, which have until now only used organic flesh and blood women, are now turning to sex dolls rather than human prostitutes. One of the first of these brothels can be found in Japan. The Japanese’s proclivity to being creative with their sex doll uses doesn’t stop there though – they once had a brief TV series where the main character was a silicone sex doll. Called Air Doll, it featured a sex doll called Nozomi and her owner Hideo.

10. The closer to reality a sex doll can get, the creepier and more off-putting it will see. Back in 1970, a robotics engineer named Masahiro Mori documented a phenomenon wherein lifelike robots appear to be more disturbing to people the closer they look to actual human faces. Dubbed the “uncanny valley”, this phenomenon postulates that people have an easier time accepting robots if they clearly resemble what we know as robotic, but the closer they get to lifelike, the more we start to notice the subtle differences that they have to actual human faces

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